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What is PowerTrainTM CMI?

The award winning PowerTrain CMI is a client-server Computer Based Training - Course Management Interface system developed with the needs of training instructors and departmental budgets in mind. Like most CBT systems, PowerTrain CMI provides students with on-line review and examination capabilities. But, unlike other CBT systems, PowerTrain CMI lets any company department create and maintain course materials with no programming skills or experience required. PowerTrain CMI is simple enough for those without extensive computer knowledge to create and modify courses and exams, thereby precluding the expense of vendor supplied solutions and revisions. All elements of your courseware can be stored in the PowerTrain CMI database, making it a snap to maintain and modify your courses through PowerTrain CMI's interface.


PowerTrainTM CMI provides these features to help you!

bulletAll course review material is linked to exams.
bulletThe ability to force the review of a course prior to taking the exam.
bulletThe capability of creating both mandatory and optional questions for each exam.
bulletAllows random or sequential navigation through exams.
bulletProvides the flexibility to have any number of answers and distracters for exam questions.
bulletThe capability to import graphics, video and sound for courses.
bulletMaintains test question and answer statistics.
bulletProvides the ability for proctored or self-administered examinations.
bulletEnforces objective-based training.
bulletProvides the ability to set parameters for courses based on requirements of each course.
bulletAllows for fast course creation and validation.
bulletAbility to assign courses to previously-defined user groups or individuals.
bulletComplete utilization of existing desktop environmental tools (i.e. the Microsoft Office suite of programs).
bulletConnects to any ODBC compliant database.
bulletDatabase repository for all course and examination data.
bulletUnlimited number of courseware developers.
bulletAllows user feedback throughout exams and review.
bulletAllows any external software package to be launched as all or part of a course or exam.
bulletVariably timed exam capabilities.
bulletAnd much more...

Are there any other uses for PowerTrain CMI?

PowerTrain CMI is one of the most dynamic surveying tools on the market. It offers Scored and Non-Scored Survey course types, which provide a tool to do all of your surveys in-house. PowerTrain CMI can provide for anonymous surveys. The feedback feature enables your surveys and questionnaires can be more than simple multiple choice.

PowerTrain CMI can also be used by instructors to develop, maintain, and score manually administered exams by using the Exam Instance feature.

Combining the fast exam creation capability and parameter settings, PowerTrain CMI permits you to efficiently distribute enterprise information and directives.

Since PowerTrain CMI stores exam data down to the answer given on each question, reports and graphical representations of these reports can be performed in an unlimited number of ways by querying the database. This prevents you from being locked into previously defined report formats.

Hardware Requirements for PowerTrain CMI

PowerTrain CMI runs on any 486/66mHZ PC system with 16 MB of RAM. PowerTrain CMI currently operates under  Windows 9x and Windows NT.

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